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  1. winver is 20H2 and all that is done already i use programs for other games too that require this as well and they all work fine
  2. i just bought it yesterday it hasnt worked at all for me
  3. no sir it still crashes the game when i try to load the cheat
  4. It also gets stuck on "[11:35:30] This might take a moment." when selecting load cheat. the game crashes and it stays on this screen in the loader forever
  5. I have followed the instructions and load the driver first, then start steam and Smite, then capture Smite in OBS Via Window Capture and i start the Virtual Camera. Then I run the loader again to inject the cheat and it crashes the game every single time. can not load the cheat without crashing the game. I have Antivirus, Firewall, and Fast boot disabled. Please Help.
  6. I will pay a investment to get this cheat made.
  7. How safe is this cheat and please be honest as i see almost everyone who has used a fortnite cheat has been banned. I have used WZ hacks for a year straight without a ban but i want to make sure there is no way to get banned from the cheat alone. without using any features except maybe ESP? no aimbot no modifiers just ESP is this safe or will it also result in an auto ban