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  1. The issue that I'm having is that every time I aim in with everything correctly injected my game game crashes instantly.
  2. Would I be able to get extra time when it comes online cause I only bought it because it said it was working on the status page.
  3. Hello I'm currently having an issue with the Rubicon hack for fortnite. Every time I follow the instructions I'm in the lobby and when I press f2 after about 8sec my game freezes for around 5sec then crashes. Any fixes about this issue?
  4. Hello I'm not sure if this is a cheat issue or a different one but I cannot gain xp on any weapons anymore and non of my weapon advancements save such as trying to unlock the streetsweeper. I went to round 25 in zombies with the sword and didn't gain a single drop of xp. Hopefully there is a fix for this.
  5. This does seem like it would be an amazing addon and would be greatly appreciated if it would be added.