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  1. Yes uspport.test file submitted. Knorr sent me a new key and woofer. I removed all VPNs/VMs, uninstalled unwanted programs but still got an error. I only clicked on Woof
  2. My discord is: Player2#9307 And it is lifetime Knorr said something about key is used, I tried my my old key as well as with the key knorr sent me but both of them give the same error.
  3. Knorr sent me a new woofer few days ago but unfortunately its not working. For any ID I generate on it and try to register it on the website it says "Invalid HWID, Contact Admin". After notifying this to knorr the same day the solution is yet to be found. Can you tag the dev or someone who would be able to fix this issue, it has been several days I am trying to get the spoofer to work.
  4. Sorry didn't get back as I was away from my desk recently, yes I did remove ProtonVPN as well as all Vmware or Virtualbox (considering it could be a cause too). However that didn't fix the issue. I notified this in discord but unfortunately that didn't work out either. Later I started experiencing a new issue to which knorr gave me a new spoofer key considering the possibility of bad loader or a spoofer downtime. This is what I am stuck with right now,
  5. Greatly appreciate it, I'll wait for the update or some message from your side. My discord is Player2#9307. Or I'll wait for any reply on this thread from you
  6. Does anyone else have a similar issue? Spoofer getting detected after 15-16 hrs. @Blazecan you help me out mate, I really need assistance
  7. Did not initially thought to create a thread but I had to so if anyone else with a similar issue like this can help me out. The issue I'm having with my Valorant Spoofer is that Vanguard somehow detects the ban after spoofing and using any new account for 16-18 hs. I did as directed in instructions, (Uninstalled val, Disabled AV, FW, Exploit protection, updated bios, nothing related to old account used, didn't even login to google sync). [Also im using an Asus Laptop] After installing back valorant and logging in with a fresh new account, vanguard doesn't detect anything. I ca