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  1. Yeah have seen it down for maintenance but does this count from my register days ? thou it went down after 4 days from using and I got banned and bought the game again .. waiting for this cheat to work again
  2. Actually Me and my friend got banned on using hell hack and I tried to contact knorr he just reply today if its still safe to use it and he said yes ? i tried to launch my loader and its frozen .... Hack is frozen ×èò çàìîðîæåí 10.9.2021 12:58:30 I even send to him the message i got from hunt show down about my banned ( We've looked extensively at the evidence in this situation, and EAC was able to verify the use of third party software (cheat/hack) which was used to alter the game experience and give you an unfair advantage against other players. We won't offer to share any more i
  3. I bought this cheat and after 4 days with light usage I got banned me and one of my friends also same cheat (hell )... what a sad story