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  1. i dont think you should. people will get caught more often streaming. that can get the cheat detected a lot more easier. the last cheat i used for MW got shut down because someone got caught while using streamer mode.
  2. i am aswell. all my weapons havent deranked but my level always does
  3. Whenever i use the XP multiplyer it never saves. ill leave the game and be the same level i started as
  4. I agree! this xp multiplyer will be dope!! i hope they add more like, flying, speed, auto pac a punch. etc. i wanna feel like its bo2 zombies all over agin!
  5. Hello, i really like this cold war menu. i have a few suggestions. make it so you can remap your aim key (its missing a few keys that i like to use as an aim key) Make Dead Opps Arcade a "zombie" mode. maybe add some more things to the zombie menu to make it feel like bo2 modded zombies!
  6. Im trying to buy the cold war cheat but it keeps declining
  7. i pmed you my username is 420#6652 im having the same issue
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