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Found 20 results

  1. Hello ! Here I'll share my settings for a Legit Aimbot Cold War. This settup is for players who already have aim, game sense and reactivity. Explanation : Auto Aim : onPress Mode - Aimbot will lock onto your target only when you press the key. OnPress Key (Aimbot) : LBUTTON - To avoid locking the target too early (and be more legit with the left button, it will lock on the target only when you fired). Bone Aim : Spine - With the smooth aim, this will allow you to have better accuracy on enemies while being legit. If you put on "Head", you will have
  2. By chance will you all add the instant gold / dark ather to the zombie menu also to select player options? Just wondering is that will be an added up date or possibly coming
  3. Since the recent update of cold war once you load up the cheats you are unable to start up the game
  4. hello on cold war my esp sometimes stops working and then turns back on few sec later, it started happening alot lately tried redownloading the client itself and deleted all configs and made new again and it still bugs sometimes.. anyone know a fix ?
  5. Good day Veteran Team, I used 24 hours Cold War Key and I never faced any issue during these 24 hours. Now I decided to buy 30 Days Key. When I downloaded it and run the program its working fine. BUT as soon as I change anything in the cheat menu, the program stopped (Doing nothing at all). If I want the ESP active, I have to keep the cheat menu on the screen. Would you please help me in this situation. Thanks
  6. Silly Question, but important to know. How I know my key is expired? What is the right way to know this?
  7. I already bought a key for cold war in my account. My question is, can I buy another key for cold war in the same account and same information?
  8. To be honest with you guys, You have to use the cheating Tools wisely. DO NOT BE VERY OBVIOUS. I am using Veteran since I joined this community, I didn't get banned and I dropped my fifth nukes in Call of Duty Cold War. Sometimes I used the ESP only or I used Aimbot with mouse smooth active. Finally, I have to thanks the people working on this community for their help and support.
  9. cold war hack not working after update what to do
  10. I went into a public match and it didnt let me keep my level any reason why ? I had host and everything.
  11. Is there a way to have specific gun spawner for Cold War Alpha so doing dark aether becomes much easier
  12. Only on pc? Would love to have it on ps4 if posible
  13. Hello, i really like this cold war menu. i have a few suggestions. make it so you can remap your aim key (its missing a few keys that i like to use as an aim key) Make Dead Opps Arcade a "zombie" mode. maybe add some more things to the zombie menu to make it feel like bo2 modded zombies!
  14. Are you going to add xp multiplayer? If you are when?
  15. I’m very new to this, as it’s my first time doing it. I’m not as skeptic as when i first started looking into this now i’m just mainly worried on wether or not i’ll be able to use it. I’m mainly just wondering if it’s very complicated to run or hard to use, and if it will run on my acre nitro 5 (intel-5 10300h, 8gb ram, 512 gb solid state hard drive). i’m not sure if the specs are necessary but i’m also new to pc and laptops in general so if anyone can help that would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!
  16. Hey i was just wondering if anyone had any recommended or good esp setting to run with the cold war hack, there's so many options and i was just wondering what setting worked best for you guys in the cheat,, btw working great so far been using it in Zombies And Multiplayer but haven't used the aimbot setting yet and probably wont
  17. Whilst playing Cold War via Microsoft play on the PC does these cheats work? Or do you need to have purchased the game on steam?
  18. When ever i have to redownload the mod tool because my antivirus gets rid of it when i turn my pc off it tells me the login isnt correct on the tool even though its the exact same login ive used previously
  19. Title says it all. I have it running, I can see the hitboxes of the zombies, and they spawn to one point. But i cant get the rest of the menu to open? How can I do this?
  20. will the cold war alpha work on console with a usb?