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  1. all visuals are showing but the aimbot does not lock on to npcs or players. Also the fishing bot does not work either. Please help and fix
  2. new world valhalla not opening the menu since patch 3-4 days ago?
  3. The cheats works extremely well until a patch uploads and they need a day or two to fix them. 10/10 recommend this website!
  4. any update on the cheat? you told me to check the website for an update but New World Valhalla's cheat status has been set to "working" this entire time its been down.
  5. After injecting when loading the game it takes awhile and then the game closes? please help
  6. The delete key ends the program! The "end" key opens the menu!!!!! this took me about 10 hours to figure out, please update the cheat description!
  7. Aimbot circle and wall hacks work. Menu will not pop up and cant enable the aimbot. I have followed all of the instructions and have all overlays turned off. Please help!!