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  1. Would make it alot better product and help alot of people 🙂
  2. So i have seen loads of posts about 1 Kill dm ultra and Dark Aether would you consider into adding this to the cheat 🙂
  3. Will a windows reformat delete all my games etc? @Blaze
  4. i was perm banned on cold war i have a new copy but seemed to be shadow banned again will it be removed and ill be able to play? or will every new copy i buy be shadow banned?
  5. Hi i understand there is a XP multiplier being added, i read it would be added today, will there be some sort of announcement for it? Also will the price remain the same or will it be upped??
  6. @Blaze any chance of getting the wepon xp grinding for dark ether and DM ultra is longgggggggg 🙂
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