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  1. i inject - game is starting and in the loading screen from the game is become bluescreen ( kernel driv.................................... ) thats the problem everytime 😞 Greez
  2. I become this everytime. every inject i become bluescreen
  3. Same here. Aimbot from Battlefield is very very bad :((
  4. i try it about 934398573258037837z83925 times. i do everything what you said 385748745 times. its all the time the same instruction.
  5. Version 21H1 ( OS Build 19043, 1165
  6. i have the same settings and i do it already!
  7. i said so often i DO THIS 3489458564 times bro ...............................
  8. hey guys i got a problem. if i try to inject he said all okay " after hit OK you can start the game" if i do it i start Battlefield2042 and i become a Freeze/Bluescreen and must turn off/on my PC i do everything what is in the TXT. description and more. i try everything but i dont know what is this. all cheats working but not this 😞 i didnt play and i lose my hours for the sub for nothing cuz cant use 😞 thanks for your help guys, i hope you know a fix Greez
  9. if i want to actiacltew my key now in Battlefield loader . he said " Invalid key format " Proof : https://prnt.sc/20fonzr my emmail : kokiiiiaa@gmx.net Greez