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Found 15 results

  1. First of all Thanks Mr.Knorr for helping me out ! Easy to use but not easy to install. This is not a point of criticism, because I think this is not the usual software you use. The criticism goes to the menu or the mouse cursor is always in the way and what I did not quite understand how I move two things at the same time? Probably it’s the software but okay. So far my 2 screen stays away, too bad ☹️. In itself a top software! But €100 a month? A bit much, but that is a matter of opinion and not a point of criticism.
  2. Hi so I am currently 100% HWID banned from apex legends, I have cleaned my files out and everything but I was wondering how to use the HWID EAC/BE spoofer properly, since performing a test or statistic normally restarts or blue screens me and injecting the spoofer just says "all done" yet when I boot up apex I am still banned. Is the status page not up to date or am I doing something wrong?
  3. Hi please help I bought 24 h Simplex and I am having troubles with running spoof I inserted licence a it says licence is ok but then the error will pop up please reboot your PC I did everything before this step I rebooted my PC several times please help
  4. The icon is the easiest to have set up as far as computer settings. It’s also nice in game. The simplex is tough to get your computer settings right for it to launch, but it’s easier to mess with in game. Over all I like them both and will get them again.
  5. is the cheat visible to spectators?
  6. keep getting BSOD after loading cheat
  7. What are the red spectators on Apex icon
  8. how do I fix the BSOD? just restore windows from control panel?
  9. i was reading the steps to disable things and what not before using the simplex and i feel like im not experienced enough to get it done with out getting BSOD. any help would be great. like a video of what to do EXACTLY step by step. thanks
  10. The Redline Works But It Just Doesn't Seem To Hit Many Shots. Prediction Always Aims Behind The Enemy (If They Are Running Right Prediction Says They Are Going Left????) Maybe It Needs A Fix Or It Just Doesnt Work? Im Not Sure But Any Help Would Be Nice Thanks.
  11. Hello, i want to buy Simplex cheat for Apex but i want to know if we can get banned?
  12. Hello Admins, I purchased two simplex apex legend hack and it's not working. Both keys are not working, asking for key again and again. Tried using VPN and connected to my 4G mobile net but it's not working either. Please fix the issue, can't find the support member on discord so if possible please try to fix it here.
  13. Cheat closes as soon as you open the game , loader works fine and loads the small circle but closes as soon as the game launches