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  1. Just a question, Why we can't use the same cheat for Warzone and Cold War?
  2. I already have 30 days Cold War in this account. Tomorrow when I finish the download Warzone, I will create another account to buy the key for it. My question is: Can I disable the ESP and Radar in the cheat menu for Alpha Cheat?
  3. Maybe a miss some of the setting in the cheat menu. Can I find some a good settings here?
  4. So, that mean I can't take a shoot screen and I can't record?
  5. Good day Veteran Team, I used 24 hours Cold War Key and I never faced any issue during these 24 hours. Now I decided to buy 30 Days Key. When I downloaded it and run the program its working fine. BUT as soon as I change anything in the cheat menu, the program stopped (Doing nothing at all). If I want the ESP active, I have to keep the cheat menu on the screen. Would you please help me in this situation. Thanks
  6. Silly Question, but important to know. How I know my key is expired? What is the right way to know this?
  7. Update for my comment above: No issues with that but I am asking. If my key for Cold War will expire, can I buy new key in the same account for the same game? So, I bought a Cold War key in this account and it is expired. Can I buy another key for Cold War in this account again?
  8. No issues with that but I am asking. If my key for Cold War will expire, can I buy new key in the same account?
  9. To be honest with you guys, You have to use the cheating Tools wisely. DO NOT BE VERY OBVIOUS. I am using Veteran since I joined this community, I didn't get banned and I dropped my fifth nukes in Call of Duty Cold War. Sometimes I used the ESP only or I used Aimbot with mouse smooth active. Finally, I have to thanks the people working on this community for their help and support.
  10. Yes, the second key will be to the same game. If I can't purchase another key for the same game in the same account, what should I do?
  11. I already bought a key for cold war in my account. My question is, can I buy another key for cold war in the same account and same information?