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  1. I dont see the cs:go hack listed on the "Cheat status" list? so my question is does the hack work and is it up to date?
  2. i been using it for like 4-5 hrs for like 3 days ago. fully abusing it. no ban or nothing yet. and i have used only wh for like 2 weeks or so no ban. and im still almost on 1 place in everygame. just be smart how you hack and your almost safe.
  3. guys to be honest, u dont follow all the steps provided since it dosent work well for u. its very easy and simple.
  4. hmm i dont understand, but isnt it the same thing whatever u buy a day key or a month key u still have to activate it same method?
  5. Mate next time then u bought a key, just go under section "my keys" :)
  6. Are there any places on this page where you can post videos you have recorded with the hack, so others can get an idea of how the hack is, possibly show how to make legit / rage settings?😎
  7. okay, becuse one day i abused it so hard in zombie mode 😛 so thank u for telling me rn
  8. blaze, what u mean by " if u avoid using the zombie features? is it not safe to use just in solo game?
  9. Yep works perfectly i also give it 10/10 only using esp.
  10. you can buy a hwid spoofer that change your ip so u can play normal matches again
  11. its working perfectly fine for me.
  12. Hello so i just bought hack again for cold war.. and i activated my license key and it says sucessfully actived.. but then i try to log in it says i dont have any active subscription??