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About Me

Found 10 results

  1. Hello ! Here I'll share my settings for a Legit Aimbot Cold War. This settup is for players who already have aim, game sense and reactivity. Explanation : Auto Aim : onPress Mode - Aimbot will lock onto your target only when you press the key. OnPress Key (Aimbot) : LBUTTON - To avoid locking the target too early (and be more legit with the left button, it will lock on the target only when you fired). Bone Aim : Spine - With the smooth aim, this will allow you to have better accuracy on enemies while being legit. If you put on "Head", you will have
  2. What are the different types of xp modifiers that you guys added whats each of them do? im not sure what other xp or round xp or zombie xp mean
  3. when i start in my cheat it from exec but when i click on Insert it won't open if someone can help me i would appreciate it because i bought it 24 hours and i still couldn't use it and tomorrow around this time i won't have it anymore
  4. can you enable XP Guns and XP level to cold war. ill take the risk once I purchase it.
  5. Since the recent update of cold war once you load up the cheats you are unable to start up the game
  6. is it safe to use some of the zombie stuff i want to go for high rounds
  7. I've run through all the instructions updating everything to the correct version in the inject post for the Cold War Alpha Hack. when i run the launcher to stop of the Menu the program doesnt start and then dissapears from my computer. Shortly after that I did a PC scan and it says i have malware. Why wont the program run?
  8. To not being banned again on ColdWar, I want to know which features are risky. Zombie : Zombie teleport ? zombie freeze ? or just XP ? Sorry for my bad English
  9. So it all started with I thought this page was fake until I saw one on youtube one guy used the hack and then I thought I will have to try it out. I'm very glad I did. first then i bought hacked for cold war and got the key right away and then installed the loader. I was lucky that I did not have to download anything else it worked directly when I entered the game! the hack worked as it should 10/10 could not be more pleased
  10. Good evening. I was banned on ColdWar yesterday and I'm sure that it's not a shadowban. If I reset my computer and change my account. Am I still banned ? Or I need ton change my HWID or something like this... ? Sorry for my bad English. Ce compte a été banni = This account was banned*