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  1. Firstly: With the fact that the recent removal of PayPal purchasing existing, & The Implementation of Bitcoin payment has now been introduced; I wanted to do a quick review on the process so everyone can have an idea of how easy it is. Secondly: Personally I now find Bitcoin even easier to use than PayPal in my personal opinion this is a result of the fact depending on what coin you use to pay, you can quickly scan the QR Code and send the money and then the only wait is the processing time.
  2. I have seen that there is now a zombie script for unlocking all, and adding super jump, etc. to the lobbies! Is that something we could potentially see come to Alpha? I would gladly pay more for that script, Thanks!
  3. This will be in a depth guide on how to install & use the Call of Duty Cold War Alpha Loader: Note: (I have seen many people questioning and having issues with getting the Cold War Alpha Warzone Loader Working So I Decided to Create An In-Depth Guide:) Firstly: You Must Purchase a Key!: Firstly to download the loader: Secondly You Will Need to have your Key: Go to homepage and navigate to Key Area Copy and Paste That Key Somewhere: Step: Now that you have your key and file downloaded open the notepad (ALPHA COLD WAR).TXT: Opening t
  4. Disclaimer: This review is purely my own opinion and holds no biases in regards to Veteran Cheats. Review: I wanted to use this cheat for at least 12 hours before leaving a review that really details what the Cold War Alpha cheat has to offer. Firstly I will say before even purchasing this cheat I was a little suspect due to the size of the forums and not knowing much about this website. But now 12 hours later after using this cheat I am very satisfied with my time. Overall the cheat has a multitude of options and reminds me of a cheat I used for Modern Warfare
  5. On another level God Tier for already having this.
  6. Is there a reseller or ability to purchase Cold War Cheats through Paypal?