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  1. Because PUBG gone free now, will you be releasing for AMD?
  2. Does your Boomer Unlock all still work?
  3. awww maaan, what a bunch of wankers
  4. ''New features: Player XP LV 1000 / Weapons XP & Unlock Cold War challenges features has been added to Boomer product for Cold War!'' These features not apart of the CW Boomer tool? I just purchased the CW Boomer tool and when I went to launch the tool, I took a look and those features above me isn't Implemented within the tool?
  5. ''Unlock All'' Does not work at all. I did run into this issue a couple months back, but I let it go because eventually It would get fixed. Sadly I was wrong, I will send a short video on this issue to you both Knorr and Blaze. Hopefully It'll be fixed...fingers cross lol
  6. Just bought the royal VG tool and when I went to login has a returning client within the tool, it pops up with ''hwid mismatch''. I haven't even placed my key in the tool yet, I tried to relog in but the tool won't even let it smh
  7. Naah, It's the detection. I've checked on their forums and most people are saying it's due to detecting a third party tool. Been playing legit for weeks and then decided to use VC tool and after 3 games I got that error, that is when I found out that specific error only appears when the game detects a third party tool
  8. That error comes from the game security itself. You need to create another account sadly, that specific error appears when the game detects a third party tool.
  9. Got this error in-game ''An Unknown error has ocurred. [7003] (SecurityError (0xAE000200))'' Apparently this error shows up when the game detects a ''third party tool'' I searched on the GeeGee forums and some people stated on there that if a ''third party tool'' is detected during a match it'll kick you from a game and you can no longer join a match.
  10. Just a quick issue, ''Unlock All'' Doesn't work as great. Not many things unlocks. It's not like Boomer, needs a fix, but it isn't a priority
  11. You’ll have to be in pre-game lobby. Then press “Unlock all” and then you’ll see everything unlocked, keep this in mind that it’s soft unlock not hard unlock. So everything resets after every match. If you want to keep your camos on your gun, you’ll have to save them.
  12. The new anti cheat Recochet will be releasing in December. Would you guys be able to bypass it? Because it seems activision is very confident with their new anti cheat. Hopefully by the time it releases, it won’t detect my account. Even if playing legit
  13. First off, both tools are amazing as of right now. There are some minor parts of both tools that are wonky, but still very playable. Boomer- It’s a great tool, esp, outlines, constant UAV ect all amazing. What tops it off is the Unlock all feature, the best part of the tool lol. Minor flaws but I’ll get to that now, let’s talk aimbot. Aimbot is very wonky and very heavy even with smooth aim on, smooth aim isn’t doing its work. It’s very obvious, it’s supposed to reduce the suspicions of aimbot, but it literally made it even worse. The best aimbot smooth aim was from The A
  14. I think he’s trying to say, he bought the wrong tool. He bought ZERO by accident and not the BOOMER/WHITE tool for WZ. He doesn’t own an INTEL CPU he owns an AMD CPU, therefore he cannot use ZERO
  15. OMG, totally forgot about secureboot. I was getting the init 3 error every time and all this time it was secureboot. I have 2 PCs and wanted to test out the vanguard tool on my second pc just in case it’s still detected.