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  1. Unninstal antivirus/esea/faceit/riot vanguard and disable windows defender!
  2. Cheat is fixed now. there was a game update!
  3. Game was updated. Cheat is working now! updated 1 hour ago!
  4. "Make sure you are not hwid banned .Means if you play now on a new account without cheat and you get banned without nothing, that means u are hwid banned"!
  5. U can find the loader here. If u have issues, just contact us on discord!
  6. 97% of times is instant delivery. Sometimes it takes 20-30 min! but rare! u can find ur key at https://veterancheats.com/clients/purchases/
  7. Probably the key expired or you didnt even activate the new key!
  8. Contact Knorr in discord if issue persist,hel check!
  9. Only if you contact our developer for a separate version for alienware (pricing is different)
  10. Yes! need to contact us on discord or website!
  11. The cheat is undetected. It depends a lot what ur settings are! and make sure you are not HWID banned
  12. Your key can be found here: https://veterancheats.com/clients/purchases/ Your loader can be found here: https://veterancheats.com/files/file/18-gemini-r6s/
  13. Of course it works! But in order to change ur steam account/id, you need to contact us! if u wanna change the account! as your current day key or month key will bind to the steam account!