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  1. Yes, you can also just make new account! is best to use ESP only!
  2. https://veterancheats.com/store/category/28-hwid-spoofers/
  3. The key gets activated when you put it in the loader, not when you buy/keep it!
  4. Hi im checking. what is ur key? how much time u have left ?
  5. the Recoil breaks the silent aim NORECOil Fixes it!
  6. Buy our cod spoofer to remove ur shadowban! but first i would recommend u a clean windows reinstall
  7. Only silent aimbot is working without crashing the game!
  8. retry later (maybe the servers were down for a while) or try connect via 4g phone internet!
  9. You were suppose to get Cyber for AMD not Vega! (also vega status is "Testing" which means it can give bans. Make sure to read the cheat status page and the cheat description more careful!)
  10. Yes! just contact us on discord for quick activation!
  11. If not working, contact Knorr in discord, he will check The cheat should be online!
  12. Player xp is patched for now
  13. It will be patched for a while. There is no ETA when it will be back!