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  1. Send a friend request to "Knorr#6574" in Discord for team viewer support. We only speak english though!
  2. https://veterancheats.com/topic/70-alpha-cod-warzone/
  3. hello please read the cheat manual / watch the video carefully
  4. You need to run a cheat from the admin (but the game launcher and the game itself without an admin) this is the fix
  5. I see you bought Icon You bsod because you dont run the cheat on a usb stick. Make sure to contact our support in discord if you still face issues!
  6. For pro version contact us on discord! https://veterancheats.com/support/
  7. Hello soon the maintenance will be over, we will also add a new RDR2 product!
  8. You can always contact us in discord for team viewer support https://veterancheats.com/support/
  9. What about now? i see it works for almost everyone without crash
  10. I told the developer to check this issue I assume the cheat works but you cannot toggle the menu! correct ?
  11. Do you mind making a video footage with the issue (you can upload to mega.nz or google drive) so i can see what is this about ? You can also contact Knorr in discord for support, he will check by team viewer!
  12. u bsod because u dont run the cheat in usb stick
  13. Well contact us on discord! Also check this thread. It will help you
  14. Your key code can be found at: https://veterancheats.com/clients/purchases/ You can download the warzone loader at: https://veterancheats.com/files/category/7-codmw-warzone/ (Follow the instructions link as well)
  15. It might come from autoaim? turn autoaim off
  16. I would suggest a clean windows wipe + our warzone spoofer + new account Perhaps the cheat injector is not compatible with ur current windows ,has faulty drivers!
  17. Please check very carefully the tutorial of Simplex EFT!
  18. type this command in cmd or powershell (run as admin) wusa /uninstall /kb:5004237 Also unninstal your antivirus/esea/faceit/riot vanguard and disable windows defender. If you still face issues, contact us on discord for team viewer support
  19. The risk is always there. The cheat is always up to date everytime the game updates, it takes 30 min - 1 hours max to update if the developer is awake