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  1. Dear FIFA 23 users, We regret to inform you that some features in ULTIMATE TEAM MODE are no longer functioning properly. As of now, Godly AI, 99 stats, and player attributes such as Height/Weight modifier, body type, running style, and hidden traits are not available in ULTIMATE TEAM MODE, not even against console players. Please note that these features are still working for pro-clubs/seasons, and we will not be removing them. We understand that this may be frustrating for some users, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. We are actively working to find a solut
  2. The problem with payments system has been solved. Now you will receive the key license instantly to your keys page: https://veterancheats.com/clients/purchases/
  3. Don't hesitate to talk with us on discord for any problem you might have: https://veterancheats.com/support/ There is a issue with the key delivery system due to merchant problem with the api system so you will not receive your key code instantly after purchase (you will have to wait between 15-60 min). We have captured the payments manually. Everyone has now received their key code at https://veterancheats.com/clients/purchases/ (The key delivery might not be instant for some customers after purchase, so please wait 15-60 min until you get your key. Do not purchase 2 times if you did not
  4. Head to our COD:MW2 Store here: https://veterancheats.com/store/category/67-codmw2/ And get started. There are various products for COD:MW2 that matches everyone taste! Every cheat is different and has PRO'S & CON'S. Read the description of the cheats carefully! All cheats are currently Undetected!
  5. lunar-aim-assist-fortnite-hack
  6. For any misunderstanding! The cheat status thread has been created on " July 25, 2020 " , but we "edit/update the cheat status" every 2-3 hours! for all cheats/games!
  7. Dear Veterancheats Customers. Our Veterancheats staff is wishing you a Merry Christmas! We wish you and your family health, happiness, peace and prosperity this Christmas and in the coming New Year. Here is our discount coupon for all our games/products! 10% discount! Coupon code = xmasdiscount10 You can apply it in our checkout page.
  8. Thats the first ban report i heard from DBD - Cola in a long time! We are going to check with the developer just in case and come back to you! Were you HWID Banned before?
  9. Can i have a video or screenshoot with the ESP being well of target? Do you have 1920x1080 resolution? Most likely you have resized the window of the game, thats why the esp is not showing correctly! Because we do not have reports about the ESP. Lot of people are using it with no complains
  10. Thanks for ur review. The cheat will be obviously improved this week, dev is working on it and aimbot implemented (shots do not connect? = that is ur aim! because the cheat dont have aimbot at the moment)
  11. Thats because the cheat is down for update? it will update shortly!
  12. Thats not true Ur key can be found at: https://veterancheats.com/clients/purchases/
  13. Great detailed review. Thanks a lot for posting your opinion regarding both of those products!
  14. I am sad to announce you, that due to legal issues, COD Alpha (both warzone and cold war) will be discontinued 😞 This decision was not made lightly, but was forced by Activision and the products have been removed from the store. The product still works for current users. New products will be added for Warzone & Cold War! Stay tuned!
  15. Thanks for your review. Well The downside of this product is that the developer does not listen to customers small requests unless it's affecting everyone! or it's a bug!
  16. giveme your coinbase code! In the meantime the key has been delivered to you, check the "My Keys" page
  17. You probably underpaid oroverpaid so we have to approve your payment manually. Did you contacted us on discord? Please tell me your discord so i can help you
  18. I am sorry if you are this impatient. You know that our staff was sleeping right? And now i have checked your coinbase overpaid issue and i have told Knorr to deliver you the key.
  19. Ur welcome! The rust cheats has been stable for long time already!
  20. Knorr always fixes the issue (especially when it comes to simplex). What product are we talking about? send me in my pm, ur conversation with Knorr and what wasnt working more exactly, il talk to him and see/check.