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  1. Contact knorr in discord or send me ur key via pm: https://veterancheats.com/support/
  2. its updated, please download the new file from the website https://veterancheats.com/files/category/50-back-4-blood/
  3. What is ur discord? i dont think you contacted him
  4. That happends only when cheat goes down for update! How and when you use the key, depends by you!
  5. Resolution must be fullscreen WINDOWED! Contact us on discord for team viewer support https://veterancheats.com/support/
  6. yea, dont log the main acc on that pc anymore (safest). Play with ur main on another pc from now on!
  7. Didnt had the keys ready! Knorr has delivered you the key!
  8. Well i helped u in discord. Reseted ur password!
  9. Valhalla does not brick ur pc. It didnt start because you did not follow the cheat setup guide! You need to disable secure boot in bios and enable intel virtualization in bios! (Make sure that your partition is installed on GPT not MBR). Then ur windows will start as usual!
  10. You need to follow the cheat instructions! 1. Make sure that your processor is Intel 2. Make sure that ur winver is windows 10 2004-20h2-21h1 (not win 11) 3. Make sure to disable secure boot in bios and ENABLE the intel vt-d aka intel virtualization in Bios so you wont have these issue anymore 4. Make sure that your partition is GPT, not MBR!
  11. Hello you need to contact us on discord, it says on the key you purchased (https://veterancheats.com/support/). Some cheats require manual activation instead being automatic (usually day keys are automatic activation) Send a friend request to "Knorr#6574" in Discord
  12. Simplex was detected 1 month ago but is back on track. Usually can last even up to 6 months without a detection (Other products are currently down for maintenance/detection purpose so i have removed them from the store temporarily until they get back. Otherwise people will buy offline cheats because some don't read the cheat status) Your account is guaranteed to get banned sooner or later even if you stop using the cheat while it was undetected. So basically, just cheat on alt accounts that you dont care about! This is the reality of cheats! I'd rather just be honest about it (however in
  13. It's unrelated to the current product. This is no something you should actually read since it's just written for seo purpose!
  14. Cyber is down for update/maintenance (idk what the eta is). I would suggest to take a look at our new product Eagle for hunt showdown .Is currently undetected!
  15. U dont have to unninstal riot vanguard Make sure you disable secureboot in bios (antivirus must be uninstalled if necessary) If you still have issues, contact us on discord: https://veterancheats.com/support/
  16. Excuse me? What benefit do i have in doing that ? Is just an estimative eta , can be later than that if is not done in time!
  17. Features: - Highly configurable ESP with Team/friendly check feature and full Player ESP which shows all their details, such as Bones/Skeleton, Health, Distance, Visibility Check, Faction Check, PvP Check, along with the Level info and Safe zone info. The ESP is also showing the animals Bone/Skeleton and their Health ESP! along with the Gatherable and Object ESP, Structure ESP (Never get lost in town) - Highly configurable aimbot with Customizable Aim key, Humanized Smoothing, Visibility Check, Lock Target, Customizable FOV Radius, Prediction - Fishing Bot, Anti AFK!
  18. Giveme both of your discords and we will take a look again!
  19. The B4B cheat works for Steam only for now, it wont work for Microsoft store (fix soon) Are you running the game from Steam ?
  20. Leaf is curently updating. You can also give us ur key in discord so we can compensate you once the cheat gets back online!
  21. You need to synchronise your time
  22. The product is on updating state! I would suggest you Eft Simplex/Leaf instead for now until Redux comes back next week
  23. Well i dont understand the question? Basically you just buy it with Credit card Visa/Mastercard ,Cryptocurrency or Giropay then you will get your week or month key at https://veterancheats.com/clients/purchases/ You can download the Fishing Bot loader at: https://veterancheats.com/files/file/90-new-world-fishing-bot/ (Instructions about how to run this product can be found here as well)
  24. Valhalla is working. Just testing