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  1. Unbanned, try again now We filtered some softwares and fixed it. False machine bans will no longer be given now.
  2. U need to enable discord and discord overlay (make sure to have 1 monitor as well) If u still have any issue, just contact us on discord and wait for ur friend request to be accepted.
  3. Discord overlay must be on otherwise u bsod. also make sure u have 1 monitor if u still have issue, Contact Knorr#6574 in discord, he will check
  4. Simplex EFT is currently updating but u can pm Knorr#6574 in discord
  5. Alright! if you encounter any issue, just pm us on discord for quick support .
  6. Thank you for this elaborate review, hope it will be helpful for other people as well to pick the right product for them I hope you are having a good time 🙂
  7. ?????????? press menu key again or reinject the cheat, which product are u talking about ?
  8. Works if u unninstal antivirus/esea/faceit/riot vanguard, disable win defender.
  9. u can pm me in discord for retrieve..
  10. Need to enable hyper-v as well. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/virtualization/hyper-v-on-windows/quick-start/enable-hyper-v
  11. Moscow will have item ESP fixed soon As for insanity, it has almost all what simplex has with some little downsides.
  12. It's 24 hours after you activate the key in the loader After you activated the key, it will be 24 hours whether you play or not, it's 24 hours of period, not usage.
  13. pm us on discord to remove the ban on ur key also unninstal key dominator and other unnecessary software (you probably used the v4 instead v5)
  14. We are testing new rogue product. Be patient 😄 Dev of polaris is busy with the escape from tarkov at the moment.
  15. will be released within 2 weeks
  16. pm Knorr#6574 in discord to enable PP for you.
  17. Not much, warzone is more simple! Cold war have zombies and xp multiplier for level and weapons. Thats the difference
  18. Read the cheat status before purchasing a cheat
  19. u need to download the last v5 version i uploaded today
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