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  1. Unninstal antivirus/esea/faceit/riot vanguard and disable windows defender!
  2. Cheat is fixed now. there was a game update!
  3. Game was updated. Cheat is working now! updated 1 hour ago!
  4. "Make sure you are not hwid banned .Means if you play now on a new account without cheat and you get banned without nothing, that means u are hwid banned"!
  5. U can find the loader here. If u have issues, just contact us on discord!
  6. 97% of times is instant delivery. Sometimes it takes 20-30 min! but rare! u can find ur key at https://veterancheats.com/clients/purchases/
  7. Probably the key expired or you didnt even activate the new key!
  8. Contact Knorr in discord if issue persist,hel check!
  9. Only if you contact our developer for a separate version for alienware (pricing is different)
  10. Yes! need to contact us on discord or website!
  11. The cheat is undetected. It depends a lot what ur settings are! and make sure you are not HWID banned
  12. Your key can be found here: https://veterancheats.com/clients/purchases/ Your loader can be found here: https://veterancheats.com/files/file/18-gemini-r6s/
  13. Of course it works! But in order to change ur steam account/id, you need to contact us! if u wanna change the account! as your current day key or month key will bind to the steam account!
  14. You dont have to find Knorr. You just send a friend request to Knorr#6574 in discord and wait him to add you back! Make sure your in-game resolution is FULL-SCREEN otherwise the cheat wont show. Also turn off ur win defender and unninstal antivirus/esea/faceit/riot vanguard! so u wont get inject error
  15. Thats called antiscreenshoot. Is perfectly normal and protects you from getting manual banned!
  16. Hello, most likely your windows defender turned on again! it will turn on automatically at every PC restart!
  17. No it doesnt! Make sure you paste the link correctly in ur browser, otherwise contact us in discord for support!
  18. The developer of Vega said that he has fixed the security system. That cheat is still on testing! And yes, Cyber has 0 issues/bans for now!
  19. HI, you dont have fullscreen resolution anymore, thats all! please set it back to full screen!
  20. The developer is fixing nospread and trying to make the autoupdate work so it wont be down after game updates anymore!